Solomons Jewels, Tasmania


High quality museum grade photographic prints up to any size. When printed large, the images reveal a stunning level of detail and depth of colour that will draw you in. In order to achieve this, every step of the photographic workflow utilises the best techniques and tools available today.

The pricing below is for either museum grade paper or a canvas finish (unframed). Canvas prints include a border with a reflection of the original image to assist with framing. Further detail can be found in the “Description” tab below under the Sizing section.

Details about other finish options can also be found in the “Description” tab below. Please contact me using the “Ask about this product” button if you would like to make an enquiry or request a quotation for other finishes, framing, sizes or anything else for that matter.

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400mm x 267mm - 3:2 aspect ratio
609mm x 406mm - 3:2 aspect ratio
914mm x 609mm - 3:2 aspect ratio
410mm x 410mm - 1:1 square


Solomons Jewels, Tasmania

Photo Story

Solomon’s Jewels is a group of surreal tarns (mountain lakes or pools) surrounded by King Billy Pines, bright orange peat and heavily lichened rock. On the first day of a one week walk and after a 600 metre climb through tall forest, it is almost pitch dark. Walking by torchlight we come across Solomon’s Jewels giving off magical reflections in the twilight.

I love the Tasmanian World Heritage area and find myself being drawn back again and again. The Walls of Jerusalem national park has a biblical theme with features such as Solomon’s Jewels, Mount Jerusalem, Pool of Siloam, Pool of Bethesda, King David’s Peak, Damascus Gate, Herods Gate and of course The Walls of Jerusalem.

True life Reproduction

  • australia’s best

    The prints are produced by Simon Olding, who provides printing services for some of Australia’s best photographers and artists.

  • Wide gamut printer

    The Epson 9900 & 4900 are equiped with the newest HDR inkset to extend the gamut of inkjet prints into previously unprintable regions.

Finishes & Sizing

  • Canvas Print

    Made on material using archival pigment inks that meet museum quality standards. Finished with a liquid laminate to ensure that the exposed canvas is protected from moisture, fingerprints and atmospheric contaminants such as aerosols.

  • Face Mount Acrylic

    Printed on high gloss or metallic gloss paper and mounted onto the rear of a 6mm acrylic sheet. A styrene backing protects the print and the effect is finished off with an external frame to float the piece off the wall.

  • Museum Paper

    Printed on Canson® Infinity Baryta Photographique, which is arguably the finest inkjet paper available in the market. It is 310gsm, 100% alpha-cellulose, museum grade, pure white paper – which produces a wide colour gamut and deep blacks. Print life is between 75-150 years depending on if the image is colour or B&W.

    The mat board option provides a frame ready print. The photograph is pre mounted on a high quality white, slightly textured surround, which enhances the look of the photograph. When framed, the mat board also protects the print by absorbing any moisture build up under the glass.

  • Sizing

    To assist the framing process and enhance the aesthetics of the frame, all canvas print sizes are inclusive of up to 50mm extra canvas on the sides printed with a reflected gallery wrap. This is where we create the sides of the canvas print from a reflected edge of the print. It looks as if the image continues around the side but it doesn’t waste any of the front of the image. As an option we can add a solid colour to the edge instead of a reflection of the print. We also add another 15-20mm of white canvas to help with stretching the image around the stretcher bar.

    All paper print sizes are inclusive of a 10mm white border.